A New Season of Life: How God is Moving in My Heart

Well, I logged in today to my blog only to see that it's been quite some time since I have written a blog post. I've got a lot of things on my mind and God is stirring things up in my heart. I want to share with my readers what has all been going on.

So I am turning the big "30" this month and was feeling a panic over the fact that I wasn't where I planned to be at thirty years old looking back to younger days and the big plans I had for myself. I never planned to have to overcome the obstacles that I have indeed not only overcome, but in many cases I have grown through these experiences. I wouldn't ask for them to happen again, but we learn through the hard times. I don't call myelf a victim, I am so much more than that, I am a survivor. And this is definately a mentality that has taken time and hard work to develop. Looking back at my twenties, I see alot of "crap" that happened, but yet I am here and I survived. I still live with my health challenges, and yeah I don't like it but I embrace the opportunities I get to advocate and help others with similiar issues. I have been blessed abundantly by this. So, I had to tell myself to look at the good things that have come from all of it, and to look ahead to the future. So, I have prayed. And prayed. And prayed some more! Asking God what he wants with me? What am I going to be doing in my thirties? 

I have always been a caring and compassionate person, but I honestly have kinda just stuck in my own little world of friends and family. Helping when able. This is sort of embarassing. But over the last couple of months, I have felt overwhelmed honestly by "the weight of the world", and really, the "weight of our country." I will be honest in saying I never really knew a lot about the hot button topics we have going on like immigration and equality, the environment, etc. I didn't take time to educate myself. So as I have prayed and these issues going on in our country have come to full view, God has bombarded me with a passion to not only educate myself more, but to care more, and to do my part. I never knew that standing up for what's right, or what you believe to be what is right could isolate you and your friends may not want to talk to you anymore. I guess the saying that goes something like sometimes standing up for what's right means standing alone. 

So what does all this mean? As a folllower of Christ, I believe that every life matters. Jesus would not have turned away the hungry, the poor, the "illegal immigrant families" because they didn't have the proper paperwork, he wouldn't have killed the unborn babies, he didn't care about the color of people's skin and the Bible makes it clear that he even cared alot about the sinner. Which, we all are sinners just by nature. Just different sin. It make's me sad to open up facebook and see jokes about gay and transgender people. I cannot imagine the struggle that a transgender person goes through, and we know this by the significantly higher suicide rates among this population. People make very strong statements, often jokes, about people on "welfare." I do understand there are plently of people taking advantage of the system. But, there are people who really do need it and that's why it is there. I believe in advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. And there are alot of people who can't. 

I anxiously look forward to see what God has in store for me coming up. Prayerfully and obediently, I will take a stand. I never saw myself as an activist, I still really don't, but I want to see change in our country, in our world. Every person who does something makes a difference. And it's okay to agree to disagree on issues. Some people think its not, but really it is. 

I pray on this National Day of Prayer...for peace, understanding, an end to violence and hunger, shelter for the homeless, healthcare for those who need it, safety, and that we can see positive change very soon. Amen