Life Happens: When You Wonder How Much Longer Things Can Stay The Same

Hello new and faithful "old" readers. Thank you for coming back to my blog. I am coming back after more than three months of a break from blogging. My mind and body needed some time. That happens. Or should I say, "Life Happens." I was honestly contemplating giving up my blog. Lacking motivation and even inspiration on what to write about, I gave it alot of thought and realized I have been contacted by many readers who have been helped by this blog. I logged on today just to see what my last blogs were about, and I was distracted by the number of readers that had visited since I started the blog in May, over 11,000. WOW! I am humbled by that. Anyways, some blog topics and current events have been stirring in my mind and here I am back at it. I want to talk about a few things and what's going on in my life.


First, I would like to talk about the topic of bullying. Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook or who follow the ostomy support groups have likely seen, if not by my post, on the news, that a 10 year old little boy named Seven Bridges from Kentucky committed suicide on January 19th, 2019. The shock value alone of a ten year old taking his own life is alot. But then we find out that he did it because he was bullied over and over again over his colostomy bag at school. This has shaken the entire ostomy "community" if you will. I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, I experienced plenty of bullying. It can make life hard for a kid. I know my initial reaction was to ask why does bullying still exist. We live in a country that has become tolerable to so many different lifestyles, and yet people bully eachother. And its not just kids. There are alot of adult bullies too. I think if adults could set a better example, there would be less bullying among kids. Will it be gone 100%? No. I just simply want to point out, mostly to those of you who deal with children in one way or another, which is alot of us. We all need to set a good example. Lead by example. Be kind. Be humble. Teach kids the value of those individuals who have a disability and that its not a joke. These people often go through hell to get to the point they are at. Some of them haven't reached that point yet. And one more, we never know what the person next to us is going through. I will share the link to this horribly sad story after the blog. Keep Seven's family in your thoughts and prayers.


Secondly, I want to talk about mental health for a few minutes. When I started this blog, I committed myself to be an advocate for those with chronic health issues like myself, but especially those who have mental health issues. To be a beacon for the hurting, and also to educate everybody else on what the experience is like so you can either help those around you or maybe even find help yourself. Today, rather than set out some kind of education, I am gonna talk about what the last several months of my life have been like. Hoping that those who can relate can find some peace in knowing you are not alone. 


Over the summer, my physical health went a little, or alot haywire and things seemed to get out of control. Things have gotten somewhat better. I am still struggling with chronic pain that has been extremely difficult to control. But, at the same time, a depression set in within me. I was able to go about my business, but the depression just seemed to get worse. I continue to this day to struggle with a bad episode of depression and of course my usual PTSD and anxiety issues. People, these are real issues and you can't just snap out of it or wish it away. I find that most people who have never experienced anything like this have absolutely no clue what its all about. It's not an excuse. It's not a reason to feel bad for someone, because that isn't what most people want. People with these issues just want them to get better. To get their energy and motivation back. Their livelihood. I know thats what I want. There is so much stigma out there and people calling eachother crazy and other names. I know I am not crazy. I have an illness, just like any other illness.Why is it acceptable in our society to have ADHD, but not PTSD or depression?? Questions to perhaps ponder. 


This is where my blog today might get a little hairy..mature people can disagree. It's ok. I want to talk about the current state of our country:disarray. We obviously all know we are into the 2nd month of the longest government shutdown there has ever been. Federal workers aren't getting paid which means some of them can't pay their bills or provide for their family. I read an article yesterday about a young woman who works for some type of natural resource branch of the government. But anyways, she has gastroparesis, which is a significant issue in the stomach. She requires tube feedings. The article was talking about how she needed to be admitted to the hospital for an emergency and her insurance was not active because of the shutdown. Our leadership of this country, which was once great needs to get a grip and get it together. I understand both views of President Trump's Wall he would like to spend billions of dollars on. I think there are much better things they could spend the money on. Is border patrol a problem? Yes. Do illegal immigrants create issues with drugs and commit crimes? Yes. But, not at the rate in which President Trump is claiming. Why are we turning away women and children who aren't committing crimes and are literally going to die if they stay where they are? What about if we focused on all of the abortions that are taking place, and literally everyday hearing new things on the topic of abortion and how it is becoming more and more legal even into later gestation. If thats not a crime than I don't know what is. On immigration, I understand that there are so many sides to this issue and so many issues inside the issue. I really am not taking a side at all. I am, however saying that our country needs to get back on track. There are other options for border patrol that would save a substantial amount of money. I say this all while being the victim of a violent sex crime committed by an illegal immigrant who is now serving time and will be deported when his sentence is served. Is he a bad example? Absolutely. But this issue isn't black and white. We can't assume 100% of people who immigrate here are bad or dangerous. Even I don't think that after what I have gone through. 


Lastly, this morning I was feeling quite down, it was -20 with the windchill and snow blowing everywhere. Out of the blue sky, there appeared a rainbow. Just a strong reminder of God's promises. He will never leave us or forsake us. 


Please pray for all these issues going on in our country and even in our world. I hope I have made you think about these things and how relevant they are. We are fortunate to have a warm bed and food to eat. Others, not so much. Just a thought on what God calls us to do and how to treat others, especially those in need.