Still Fighting Chronic Pain and What I’m Learning

My chronic pain has continued this past week and I feel like it’s taking over my life. Every. Single. Aspect. This is not how I want things to be. I have tried to maintain a positive attitude throughout this as hard as it can be, but I won’t lie, it hasn’t always been a reality. I was watching Joel Osteen on TV this morning and he was talking about how God doesn’t close doors or bring us through anything for no good reason. I have to admit there was an eye roll in there. But I did think a bit on that and it makes sense looking back to everything I’ve been through with my health and that I’ve never gone through anything without learning a whole lot whether it would be about myself or about God or life in general.


In my last blog I talked about the desperation I have in wanting to feel better and get back to my norm. Trying all kinds of things I’ve never tried before. Natural treatments and traditional medicine both. I have found a few things that have been quite helpful and I will share those and a lot of things that have not been helpful, not to say they don’t help others. I’ve learned it’s ok to go outside the box sometimes, even if that’s how you were trained in school and work. I have been having daily migraines that I’ve learned to function as much as I can, sometimes not being able to function, but along with those comes the other side effects. Nausea, dizziness and vertigo, vomiting and of course then dehydration and issues with my ostomy. I’ve had migraines since age 16, varying in severity. I would say right now it’s fair to say they are severe. So anyways, the nausea and vomiting, whether from migraine or other cause, I have been taking a prescription med called Zofran which was helpful but can slow down the gut in someone who has the issues I do. My doctor recommended trying ginger and peppermint. I found a capsule with combined peppermint oil, ginger oil, and fennel oil and have gone from daily issues with vomiting to less than 20%. This has been a HUGE win for me and an answer to prayer because with all these struggles you need anything to work. A glimpse of hope. I had to stop the CBD oil because another one of my doctors warned me of the interactions it has with some of my medications. Kinda scary in a way that people can take this stuff and buy it off the shelf not knowing that it could have some serious implications. I would say it’s important to check with all doctors prescribing your meds before taking anything over the counter like a new supplement or CBD.


I felt like my life was over this last week when I saw a new headache specialist( ok, really not being dramatic at all!!) and she told me to cut the caffeine slowly to a minimum. I’m pretty sure all I can think about is coffee now. I’m very much the next Lorelei Gilmore people!! But she gave me some different meds and we’re gonna try a period of prednisone to get the headaches under control. I left again feeling like a prayer had been answered. People come into our lives for a reason.


So onto my new gastroparesis diet. I would say I am doing pretty well with that. Most people with GP have been where I’m at with diet and so I have to remind myself I am not alone with that. I have been religiously using my magic bullet 900 and really like it! I wish I would’ve had one a long time ago. I tried putting coconut milk in my smoothie and it was so tasty!! Filled with yummy nutrients which my body is lacking. Funny note..after having your colon out, because of the malabsorption issues they tell you to take 2 children’s flintstones vitamins


Overall, life stinks right now, but I’m focused on continuing to move ahead to the next chapter in my life which is going to college PT and working at my new job tutoring and mentoring at the college starting the last week of August. I guess I better have some really speedy healing. I am persistent and prayerful and feel like even all these issues won’t hold me back. Peace and blessings to you✌️

Side note..this is not meant to be medical information. Please see your doctor for medical advice.