Living with Gastroparesis and More on Chronic Pain Trying to Take my Livelihood Away

When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with something called gastroparesis. August is Gastroparesis awareness month, and most people have no clue what it is.  Literally meaning “paralysis of the gut” my stomach nerves and muscles don’t work properly. Food can’t move through like it is supposed to. I have the same issues with the muscle and nerves in what are left of my other GI organs. Having this disease causes issues like nausea, vomiting, abdominal, pain, and with my small intestines still being intact bowel obstructions and constipation.

There are few treatments for gastroparesis. I am severely allergic to the medications that can be used most commonly, except for one that is used for nausea. One conservative treatment that is most commonly used to help people with this, especially after diagnosis is a major diet change. When I was first diagnosed I was on a full liquid diet for over 6 months. Since then I have been on a soft G.I. diet which is supposed to help move things through. It’s not working. So this past week it was recommended I go back on a gastroparesis diet with mostly full liquids. Trying to eat some solids that are easily digestible like white toast for example. Blah………..That is what I think. LOL I am trying to have a positive attitude as I feel like my body is slowly falling apart on me, but it honestly has been difficult. I usually do much better than I have been with my view on things. I bought a Magic Bullet 900 and have been blending smoothies every day. This has been helpful, and the only way I can eat any fruits or vegetables although still limited. I wanted to educate those who don’t know about gastroparesis. It has been a very big struggle for me, especially diet wise. I have gained a lot of weight because I have been unable to eat any “healthy” foods. Just bad carbs. But, the good part is that people almost always adapt to what they need to do. I’m hoping G.I. wise that I will start to improve as much as a diet can help a person!

Now, onto pain. I know I talked about my chronic pain that has been going on last week. It’s still here, and its honestly quite discouraging. I started physical therapy and even seeing a chiropractor, which is unusual for me. I went and got some essential oils and have been diffusing them. Also, very skeptical. Not to offend anyone please. I did a lot of schooling in community health and worked in the medical field and so I believe in traditional medicine. But, when you feel desperate you must try absolutely everything. And I mean everything.  Even CBD oil. I know some of your eyes just popped out and thought, oh my gosh she’s getting high!! No people, I’m not. I guess it can take a bit for it to build in your system and I started at a very low dose which I need to increase with my doctors’ instructions, but there apparently and even from all the research I did can be so many benefits to people who need it. Pain, mental health, cancer treatment problems, etc. This was my choice alternative over being prescribed medical marijuana. I didn’t want that, not that I am opposed for those who need it. I don’t want this post to turn into some Pro-Pot something or another. I’m not supporting people getting high. I had a traditional medical doctor and a more natural medicine doctor both give the go-ahead on this. I will say all this natural stuff is expensive and not covered by insurance! That is a definite downside. But, I need something to work.

I want to again encourage those with chronic pain and also chronic medical issues that we know it usually always gets better, but it takes time. I’m learning you must take things into your own hands sometimes and learn to ask as many questions and you can and sometimes get 2 or even 3 opinions if that’s what it takes. But it all takes energy and time, which some of us just don’t have a lot of. I hope you have faith and people in your life to be there when you need them. Blessings.


This is not meant to be medical advice. See your medical care provider if you are having problems. Just a side note.