5000 Visitors to the Blog!! Making My Writing Dreams Come True! Talking Chronic Pain Today

Wow! I logged on to my blog site to post a blog tonight and boom-we've hit 5000 visitors in under 3 months! I am just so excited! Thank you to all my loyal readers, visitors, and especially my fellow ostomates.


You've learned alot about my life if you've been following the blog in its entirety or even just some of it. I hope to have helped some with my small bits of encouragement and advice. I'd like to start focusing on more than just ostomies as I kind of pointed out a couple weeks ago. My health issues are so complicated and are not just about my ostomy. My struggle has been so much more. That means I have learned so much more, met so many more, and so forth. 


Tonight I wanna talk about my chronic pain. I have pain all over and its not just from my ostomy. Neuropathy, POTS, inflammatory arthritis, chronic migraine headaches, chronic abdominal pain, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, and on and on. I am a hurting unit. Thankfully most days I don't have every one of those pains at once. But lately thats the way its been. 


I have had a migraine over two weeks that is just in the last day or two finally improving but it was so bad it left me in the doctors office in tears begging them to help me. Do anything. I didn't care anymore. That kind of pain. With my migraines I get nausea and vomiting and lately vertigo where the room spins. They did try all kinds of things to help me but sometimes when it comes to pain it just takes time. 


I was just thinking to myself yesterday that the pain I've been having literally has been making me fearful. Will it get worse? Will it ever get better? What's gonna go wrong next? Have you ever felt like this in the midst of a health crisis? Its a horrible way to feel. I wondered if I even had enough faith to believe God could and would heal me after all these years of struggling and barelly making it somedays. What about that? Have you ever wondered that? You see, I totally beleive God can heal everyone else, but every once in a while I get a bit shaky in my faith and start to wonder about me. Why? IDK


Chronic pain makes you feel depressed and hopeless. Its easy to put on a mask in front of others but the truth is those of use who have been there know how it is. What tips do I have to offer you tonight? Other than to not give up and just keep searching for answers, not much. Thats what I'm doing. Searching other places for answers. Now not anything real drastic if thats what you're wonder..lol. I'm thinking more natural things and other drs and treatments I haven't tried to this point. Desperate times lead to desperate measures. I hope if you're in pain like me you can find some peace and solace in knowing there is a healer above even if we have doubts in out difficult times.