Mental don’t always have be so tough. It’s ok. Really.

So I really didn’t wanna talk ostomies tonight, although mental health affects so many of us ostomates. So really my title is meant to be directed towards myself. I spend a lot of time encouraging others and bringing everybody up, which I love doing by the way, sometimes I forget about myself. I wonder if it’s a coping mechanism?? Any experts out there...jk


The last couple of months have been an emotional roller coaster for me. From one thing to the next. Both good and bad. I’ll say that some bad shit(excuse my language btw) took place a couple months ago and the effects are lingering. Despite that I started back to college and got a good groove going. Up and down. No I’m not even bipolar. I’m just me. Depression, anxiety, ptsd, and just the rest of me. There’s a lot more than that stuff. 


Ive been trying to be so darn tough. Acting fine, more than fine even. Honestly I’m really okay but I’m not doing so great. But that’s ok. That’s my point today. Bad stuff happens, we have setbacks, big stuff, small stuff, it’s all the same in God’s eyes. And Jesus is so gentle and kind to us if we take the time to take it in. But we sometimes aren’t that way to ourselves or even other people. 


You our don’t have to be great all the time. You don’t even have to be ok. Give yourself a break. I’m plan on it. Eat a piece of chocolate. Be good to yourself, especially when things are rough. It gets better.