Telling people about your ostomy: is it a secret??

Well it's been a bit longer than usual since I last blogged. My life has been full of interesting things and just plain busy. I officially started back to school online yesterday and I think I might already be Writing on here is a nice break for me. Summer session classes are extremely busy and filled to the max. Last week I spent four days in the hospital with an ostomy that just didn't want to work. 48 hours with no output. If you are an ostomate, you know how nervous that might make a person. In the end it started to work and I'm left with intermittent pain and nausea/vomititng. Not a real fun way to be living my life. But I am holding on to each day that tommorow might be better. So....


I've gotten a few questions from fellow ostomates regarding when to tell people about your ostomy. How and when and who? I've also gotten questions about how not to have people find out. Both ways with this. My first thought with a grin was that your stoma might decide that on its own. Noisy little buggers sometimes! 


If you've just had surgery, you might not feel comfortable telling very many people. You might want to shout it to the world. For alot of people, ostomy surgery can be life saving. It gives us a story to tell. However, some people are embarrassed or afraid of what people might think. I know the longer I've had my bag, the less I have worried about these things. I was quite worried with my first ostomy. Then as time went on, it became something I no longer wanted to hide. Its like being a survior, for some it really is. A warrior. Surviving the worst of things. For some it maybe isn't so bad. But why hide it, unless thats what you want to do? 


So, tell whoever you wanna tell. Its nothing to be embarrased about. A few others asked how to tell someone. I would say that sometimes using a joke helps depending on who it is because people might not understand, and also maybe not using alot of medical jargon because they might not get that either.With kids, I think it could go either way. But most kids are more understanding than adults. I just wouldn't show them any new 12 inch scars on your abdomen. Wait until they've healed. 


And the last thing I will answer today is how to hide your ostomy in several situations. One common thing is to wear a bag cover. These can be bought online on several different sites. Etsy, ebay, and other indivual retailers that sell just covers. Another thing you could buy would be a wrap. Sometimes just for everyday wear but more commonly worn for intimacy. Both females and males for both of these things. I would suggest checking out They have some very good products, just make sure to actually measure yourself for size because they tend to run big. Just a note:)


Hope this has all helped. At least a few. Happy 4th of July! Let Freedom Ring and Thanks to our service men and women!!