Ostomies and gas..worst case scenarios..can it get any worse?

I'll start by cautioning I'm certainly not a relationship expert. You may wonder what in the world this has to do with gas. I will get to that. On my ostomy boards on facebook I'm constantly seeing questions about relationships and how ostomies affect them in different ways be it new or old romantic relationships. I've spent some time reading these posts over the years feeling a little bit discouraged but not at the point of surrender. So I set out on my own to find true love!! I should've added an lol or maybe not. I haven't decided yet.

Recently I was on a date with someone I know that I will call Fred. So we were all having this romantic picnic at the park. Everything was great. "Fred" does the lean in so I can kiss you thing and my stoma literally starts farting. And things came to a screeching halt. Fred then asks me if I'm still hungry. It was time to talk more about the ostomy. He knew about it, but I maybe should have warned him. Can I get an Amen from all the ostomates out there?

My point in all this besides to make you laugh is to tell you that maybe having some of those conversations is a good idea before things come up. That seems to be the consensus in all my research. Some people will accept your ostomy as part of you and some won't. Let those people move on. They aren't worth your time. If someone didn't want to be with you because of your ethnicity or your eye color would you chase after them? 

There is a great book I highly recommend to all ostomates of both genders married and single, it has been of huge help to me. I have read it several times. The title is " Its in the bag and under the covers" and the author is Brenda Elsagher. Check it out.