Coming out of the "ostomy closet"

I recently came out of the, I'm not gay just an ostomate in hiding!! Some of the time spent in hiding that is😁. I posted something to my Facebook that shared some details about my life, especially about my health. I don't like to share alot of details with people I'm not close to or just really people in general. But I've decided to step it up and that I've got a story to share so I plan to share it. I want to inspire and help as many other chronically ill people and people with ostomies, or you'll hear me use the term ostomates, as I can. I'm not here to bore people to death with my health although some of you ostomates might find my personal journey quite interesting. 

At 23, I got my first ostomy and last year at 28 I got my third. This was my 5th surgery at the Mayo Clinic, my colon was removed and I now have a permanent ileostomy. For the rest of my life I will be pooping in a bag. Hmm. I kinda just shrug my shoulders and look back at how far God has brought me and how my attitude has changed. I still have a crappy attitude once in a while, no pun intended, but things could be worse. Everytime I'm in the hospital I see people who have it better, although I don't really know that. But really I see people who are so worse than me. Sometimes in life we have to just hold on to the little or lot we have and thank God for what he has done for us. An attitude of gratitude has been so helpful to me. I'll talk more on this later. Thanks for reading my very first blog💩