Unless you're dealing with a terminal illness, chronic health problems do not have to be the end of your life. My life has changed in drastic and unthinkable ways, but I'm alive to talk about it and to go on living. It's what I have to do. In my blogs I'll hit on what makes me tick and how I get myself to cope. I would love to hear feedback and answer any questions. I want to inspire those around me with my story, especially my fellow ostomates. Please comment or send email if you wish! 

Hi, I'm Jackie. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm new at this blogging thing but I love to write and I'm told I have quite the story to share (who knew?🤔)so I'm giving this a shot. I've had an ostomy for six years now and have struggled with chronic health problems for quite some time as well. I will be sharing about both as well as the happenings of my life. I want to take a second to thank those in my life who have helped me along my journey: friends and family, my therapy cat Chloe(lol, had to add her in for the snuggles), my therapist, and all of my doctor's and staff both at the Mayo clinic and in my hometown. Forever Grateful. Can't wait to begin this journey😀